Q: What is avatardigi?

A: avatardigi is a digital distribution service that distributes independent artists and labels to online retailers like iTunes.

Q: How much does it cost?

A:  We charge $50 as a set-up fee per project.  If you have a UPC code, great.  If you need us to provide you with one there is an additional $50 fee.


Q: How much do I get paid?

A: In the United States, avatardigi takes a $.14 distribution fee so you net approx. $.56 per download (Apple keeps $.29 per download as their fee)



Q: What does avatardigi need to put my music up on iTunes?

A: Essentially five things:   (1) Music on a CD or WAV files, (2) Cover artwork at 2400x2400 pixels, (3) Song information called “Meta Data”, (4) A signed contract, and (5) a W9 form (to get paid).   (5) the $50. set up fee.


Q: How fast can you get my music up?

A: It takes approx. 1 week after you turn everything in.


Q: Can I just put up one song instead of a complete album?



Q: On iTunes, is the “Label” designated as Avatar Records or my label

A: Your label.


Q: What promotion and marketing does Avatar do?

A: Promotion and marketing is the responsibility of the label – you.   You must do online and offline promotion and marketing to lead your fans to iTunes.   We are the digital distributor.   Our relationship with iTunes and the other retailers is such that we can suggest banners, bricks, and prominent placement of your music on the site but at the end of the day Apple makes these decisions.

Q:  Can you guarantee Apple will prominently place my music iTunes?

A:  No.  iTunes makes all decisions about where things are placed.  The more “marketing drivers” you have (radio, TV/film placement, touring, press, video, etc.) the greater your chances of getting great placement.

Q: Can people pay for prominent placement on iTunes?

A: No.   Apple makes all decisions based on whether or not they are feeling the music.

Q:  Regarding Marketing, what are you looking for?

A:   We are looking for artists and labels who understand that selling music is hard WORK.  You must be willing to put in the work.  We are looking for clients who have substantial online/social media presence. 

Q:  When you say, “online/social media presence”, what does that mean?

A:  You must have the basics:  facebook, myspace, soundcloud, twitter, youtube, bandcamp, etc.  If you don’t know the importance of building your online following using social media, take time to learn - before you contact us.  Cool?

Q: How long is the contract with Avatar?

A: It is a month-to-month contract.   You can cancel at any time by giving Avatar 30 days notice.


Q: Who are a few Artists whose music you distribute online?

A: We distribute music masters recorded by several thousand artists in many different genres including:   The Fugees, Bruce Springsteen, Dexter Gordon & Woody Shaw, Mos Def, Planet Asia, Amy Winehouse, Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders, Andrea Bocelli, Chaka Khan, Anya Marina, Chrisette Michele, Aaron Carter, Jordon Knight, Mariachi Sol de Mexico, Manou Gallo (Zap Mama), C-Note, Rocco Deluca, Usher, Jill Scott, Metallica, Rene Moore, Adina Howard, Kurupt & Nate Dogg, Smilez & Southstar, 4th 25,  Ennio Morricone, Gabby Villanueva, Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang Clan, Pharcyde ft. Jurassic 5, Blackmoon, Mic Geronimo, Quincy Jones, Tony Chasseur, and others.

avatardigi also distributes soundtracks including the HBO shows OZ, Summer Heights High, Real TIme with Bill Maher and Cumbia Callera, Reggae film Johnny Was, CW Network show Girlfriends, Showtime’s
The L Word, In The Paint, Blackout, the theme song to the television show Jail, and MGM’s Who’s Your Caddy and others.


Q: How often do I get paid?

A: We account to you 45 days after the end of each quarter (every three months).

Q:  Who pays the publishing royalties?

A:  You, as the record company, must pay any 3rd party publishers.  If you record a song written/published by someone else, you must pay them.  If you write/publish your own material you get to keep all of the money for your self.

Q:  Who pays producer, artist, publishing and other royalties?

A:  We pay you and you pay any 3rd party royalties.

Q:  Can I sell a DJ mix of songs by other artists?

A:  No. unless you have the written permission of all record companies and publishing companies, you can’t sell music you don’t own on iTunes.

Q:  Can I sell one long DJ mix of 45 minutes?

A:  No - you have to break up the mix into “songs”.

Q:  Who provides the “cover artwork”, me or avatardigi?

A:  you provide the finished artwork at 2400x2400 pixels.

Q:  What about ringtones?

A:  Your songs are automatically available for “ringtones” on iTunes when you upload your music to iTunes.

Q:  Can I just put music on iTunes for “Free Download”

A:  No.  With the exception of special promotions, you must sell music on iTunes.  No free giveaways.


Q: I heard another distributor charges 5% less as a distro fee.   What's up?

A: We know of one distributor that charges 15%.   We know of a couple of others who charge 30%.   We think charging $.14 Is fair.    We think the personal service we offer is worth the extra 5%.   If you don't agree, call us and we'll give you the other dude's telephone number.

Q: Why can't I just call up Apple and make a direct deal with them?

A: You can easily contact Apple (indies@apple.com).  The wait is 6 months at which time they will probably tell you they are not doing direct deals with indies - they will suggest you go through a major label or a distributor/aggregator.

not related to Avatar Records or  Larry Robinson